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Icopal Fonda Geoplex installation instructions

G'day Icopal,?

I have purchased your icopal fonda geoplex product, I have instlled pap/ asphalt rolls on the roof.

I plan to install Icopal Fonda Geoplex on top of this. I wanted to find instructions on optimal techniques to install it?

I am guessing a silicon/ lim would be used to connect the rolls together. I have a 15 degree pitch.

How can I protect against wind, do you recommend screws? should I place silicon and screw through the high point of a dimple?

I look forward to your communication, thank you and regards.

David Vanderzwart

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  • Hello David

    What will you put over the Fonda Geoplex?
    How is your roof construction built?
    Tobias Seniortekniker
  • I am thinking of moss or succulents with 2-3cm of light soil maybe bark and pumice.

    We recently had high winds, do I am focused on Securing well.

    Thank you for your reply.

    David Vanderzwart
  • Hello again

    So you thinking of a green roof.
    Fonda Geoplex it´s not the right product for you then.
    Have you just nailed a underlay membrane you or do you also have a welded mechanical fastened waterproof membrane over that?
    If not, you need that first. For example ​Mono PM​​​.

    If you look at VegTech for exampel, they use a VT-filt on top of the waterproof membrane, then they install the green roof.
    Tobias Seniortekniker
  • Tobias,

    Yes, I am planning for a green roof, and I have already purchased the Fonda product..

    I have asphalt on the roof. I was convinced Fonda was the perfect product for green roofs.

    Why do you say it is not correct? All of your online information implies it would be well suited. I am a confused.


    David Vanderzwart
  • Hi again

    I think you probably confused the systems with each other.
    We use Fonda Geoplex together with built-in bitumen membranes for example in courtyards.
    Not on roofs.

    A typical green roof construction would be like this:
    1. Timber roof truss
    2. Tongue and Groove board or Roof boards
    3. Underlay membrane, mechanical fastened
    4. Heatwelded waterproofing membrane, mechanical fastened
    5. VT-filt (Veg-Tech)
    6. Green Roof (Veg-tech)

    Tobias Seniortekniker
  • Tobias,

    Again I thank you for your communication.

    As I have already purchased your Fonda product, can you recommend a way I could use it for a green roof?
    And If I do, can you recommend an optimal way to attach it the roof?
    And join the Fonda together?

    • Timber roof truss
    • Tongue and Groove board or Roof boards
    • Asphalt
    David Vanderzwart
  • Tobias,

    When translating this link, it stipulates for "suitable for drainage and vertical insulation of courtyard structures and gentle green roofs ".

    And this is why I purchased your product.

    I am trying to understand, should I use bitumen or a lim or a silicon-lim? I am concerned about screwing it? I could lay something over it to pin it to the roof?

    I am unable to return it, and not many people know about the poduct, so I doubt I could sell it on.
    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Thank you and regards.
    David Vanderzwart
  • Hello again

    I don´t really know how I can explain it in another way and I'm sorry to say it but what you have bought it´s not a waterproofing membrane.
    You can not use it on the roof as a roofing material.

    In the finnish brochure they use it on vertical roofs on mineral wool.
    Roofs that have a slope around 0,6-3 degrees.
    But even their it´s placed on top of a welded bitumen waterproofing membrane and it´s placed just edge to edge with no sealing.
    So we do in Sweden also to help the water come easier to the wells.

    You can sell it to someone who has a basement and want to insulate outside the wall. I attached a broschure that you can see what the real purpose is for Fonda Geoplex.

    Tobias Seniortekniker

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